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Santa and Reindeer Pre-Christmas Workout

AO: dawnstrike
Q: Quaker
PAX: Fallout, Lobstah, BunkBed
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Stridelite for 4 miles with Lobstah and Bunkbed, SSH, TTT, Calf Stretch, Quad Stretch, Arm Circles, RTR, Reverse Arm Circles, Mosey to grab blocks and return to front of Dreher

THE THANG: Santa has to get fit for Christmas Eve, so we did 5 sets of EMOM for each exercise: 25 Block Swings, 20 LBCs, 15 Box Jumps, 15 Deadlifts, 12 Burpees, 12 Block Thrusters

The Reindeer also need to get warm so we lined up and warmed up the legs in the front parking lot for each Reindeer:
-Dasher (Sprint to light pole)
-Dancer (Sprint back to speed bump)
-Prancer (Skip to light pole)
-Vixen (Carioca to speed bump)
-Comet (Sprint to light pole)
-Cupid (Bernie to speed bump)
-Donner (Bear crawl and then sprint to light pole)
-Blitzen (Skip back to speed bump
-Rudolph (Sprint to flag pole and grab Rudolph’s light, then sprint back)

Eat Krispy Kremes and head to Starbucks for coffee and 2nd F.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check #announcements

COT: Lord’s prayer

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