• When: 7/16/2015
  • QIC: Huffy
  • The PAX: Jorts, Dos Equis, Kim Jong, Package Beaker Promo, Beta Max, Purple Rain, Costanza, Gypsy, McLovin, Paperboy, Subprime, Beads, Genoa, Lederhosen, Seeker, Gump, Happy Trees,

Blocks on Tour

After being inspired by the Grateful Dead’s tour YHC thought it would be nice to take the Emily’s blocks out for a spin around the hood. In the end I’m not sure it was such a great idea.


Block Tour
Mosey over to the park
Grab a block
1) Don’t put the block down except to plank or do an exercise that requires the block to be on the ground
2) Don’t break the blocks

Shimmy Shim Shim – Take your block and lay on your back with the block on your chest. Without using your arms or legs wiggle your way about 20 feet down the field

Mosey up the stairs to King.
Cusack Lunge Walk up the Hill to Wheat
Situps 2/ Block on chest 15 OYO
Mosey to Wilmot
10 Block Burpees OYO
Mosey to Queen
20 Squats IC
Mosey to Wheat
20 Curls IC
Mosey to Edgerton
20 Calf Raises IC

Bottom of Hill 2 Bench Press
Top of Hill 2 Squat Thursts
Increase by 2 each round up to 20

Quick Devo by Seeker – The 3Fs

Strong work by the group. Especially the one or two guys that made it all the way to 20 reps.

F3 dads tomorrow 7am at the Brickpile
Beer Ruck is Coming Stay Tuned

0 thoughts on “Blocks on Tour”

  1. The subtlety of the “on tour” passed me at first…but now I’m feeling like I just got off tour…weak and weary and not really able to think clearly…

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