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Prowler work!!

AO: battle
Q: Big Worm
PAX: Pi – Luke Whiteside, Turncoat, Spot, Misfire, Sohcahtoa
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mosey to field and one full lap. Then arm circles, overhead claps, frankensteins, open & close gate while walking out and back to the 20. 10 through the tunnel, 10 merkins, 20 SSH
THE THANG: 10 HR merkins & 30 flutter kicks in end zone, mosey to 50, opposite goal, back to 50, back to end zone- same rep count

Teams of three prowler work- 2 burpees, then pax take turns pushing the prowler (160 lbs) 20 yards to opposite goal line and back. Every pax does 2 burpees every 20 yards.

Rinse & repeat above

Then load prowler to 250 lbs, and partners of two push for 20 yards each. All pax do 2 burpees every 20 yards. Down to the back of the opposite end zone and back

All pax mosey to bench, following ladder: 12 (60), 10 (50), 8 (40), 6 (30), 4 (20), 2 (10) decline merkins and Russian twist

Partners of 3 do individual Dora of 50 iron crosses, 100 elbows to knees LBC, 150 freedom twist. Partners rotate pushing plate free prowler (about 70 lbs) down to 20 and back

Mosey to COT and 2 burpees
ANNOUNCEMENTS: See announcements on slack
COT:thanks for health and safety in the holidays

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