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AO: battle
Q: Misfire
PAX: Ronda, Misfire
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: pouring down rain for most of the hour so we were underneath the main entryway that is spacious and dry – adapt and overcome
PLAYLIST: 90s hip hop
WARMUP: some static stretching and dynamic movements
THE THANG: Ronda is still on the mend so we had to modify a bit here and there but work was still done. Brought some coupons since there would be no room for running.
– 1-15 calf mountain with burpees or dead lifts
– 10-1 bicep curls with bear crawls
– 10-1 LBCs/in and outs with 6”
– 10-1 tricep extensions with iron cross or in and outs
– 10-1 monkey humpers with bear crawls
– 10-1 kettle bell swings/dead lifts with burpees or dry docks
– finished with some hamstring and lower back stretching
Maybe another round of something but nothing comes to mind now. Lots of bear crawls…
ANNOUNCEMENTS: see that channel
COT: ☑️

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