• When: 09/03/15
  • QIC: Gump
  • The PAX: Baby Ruth, Insanity, Tri-lamb, Traitor, McLov'n, Strudle, Beta-max, Beads, Costanza, Kenny G, Huffy, Liederhosen, Windy, Jenny, Purple Rain, Windmill, Package, Seeker, Gino, Spot, Gump, and O.C.

Backblast for Thunder (VQ)

I. Warm-Up in Parking Lot (w/ 10 reps each, i.c.)
a. Cotton Pickers
b. Don Quixotes
c. Prayer Squat
d. Plank Jacks

II. Four Corners around the school
a. Chaser LBC’s (15 reps, i.c.)
b. Mountain Climber (15 reps, i.c.)
c. Russian Twists (15 reps, i.c.)
d. Freddy Mercury’s (15, reps)
Indian Runs to next corner, then Rinse and Repeat.

III. Emily Douglas Park:
a. Stair Barrows- 3 rotations
b. Tunnel of Love- 2 rotations
c. Lung Walk- back to swing sets
d. Caterpillar- 2 rotations
e. Lung Walk- back to swing sets

Mosey back to School

IV. Planters
a. Wall Sits
b. Balls to Wall
c. Calf Raises (on planters)
d. Derkins
e. Knee Ups
f. Box Jumps

V. Parking Lot
a. Back Plank variations

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