• When: 09/02/15
  • QIC: Holy Poker
  • The PAX: Grillz, Kenny G, Improv, Pondo, HeeHaw, Serena, Wing Back, Pipeline, Co-pay, Skirt, Ziffle, Hiest, Land Shark, Beacon, Holy Poker.

A #record16pax #Stumble Taper Day, Taper Hills That Is…

Conditions: 73 degrees. 92% humidity

A record 16 Pax posted for Stumble on a humid cool morning. The Pax were promised a taper given the impending BRR. Taper we did but only the hills. With less than 100 feet of elevation gain for the course certain Pax didn’t apply #taper to the speed. Beacon blasted out of the blocks to push YHC wingback, Skirt and others to push it. Push it we did. Separation happened the Wingback fired up the  afterburners in the last 1.5 miles to have a killer run. Seems he’s taking the whole 1st alternate-now-participant thing kinda seriously.

Run: Simple out and back going out Veterans Road, Garners Ferry to the end of True Street – back to Old Woodlands – Saye Cute – Byron – Wormwood back to AO. % miles. Good run by all.

Announcements: No XL for #Stumble on Friday LSD unless you do it on your own. ***Stumble Flag gets unveiled Friday with a celebratory coffeteria afterwards. Bull on Fire ( #theBull with firefighting accoutrements included) is taking place Monday 9/7/15. MudRun sign ups. Sign up boys!!! We are low on numbers at the moment. F3Spur is going well. Feel free to attend.

Ripped off announcements:


  • BRR Notes: link to rules and penalties… good idea to review NOW so you can practice running in the appropriate gear. Remember, your training for the BRR is pretty much in the bag, take it easy… or not, I’ll be happy to take your spot in the van.
  • #GritIron workout begins after Labor Day at the #Woodshed… been told it should be a flashback to football practice with a mix of kettlebells and agility training.

Stolen Announcements from Pipeline:

  • Costanza needs HCs for the Kiawah half or full by the end of the week in order to secure a nice F3 discount. If you aren’t running the BRR, this option should be slightly flatter and the accommodations will definitely be nicer.
  • The Bull on FIRE! In honor of September 11th, Backdraft & Spot have something special planned for the Monday beforehand (9/7/15 – Labor Day). The #ConcreteBeast will be taken over by the men of our fire department simulating what our brave men do on a daily basis going up and down stair towers in full fire gear. You won’t want to miss this.

The fall Mud Run is coming up fast. Get your teams together if you haven’t already. Heist is your event Q (#WoodshedBuildsLeaders).

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