• When: 09/04/15
  • QIC: Improv
  • The PAX: Holy Poker, Serena, Pondo, Pipeline, Silver Bullet, Heist, Co-Pay, Beacon

Taper meet #Stumble, #Stumble meet Taper

9 Pax posted for #Stumble in the gloom and met Taper time.  Also, Serena introduced the new #Stumble shovel flag to the Pax.  TClaps to Serena for the awesome job on the shovel flag and graciously providing #coffeeteria for the entire #Stumble Pax on-site after the run.  Lastly, TClaps to Pondo for assisting in the Q today by playing rabbit and putting in an extra MI.

Conditions: 73 Degrees and 89% Humidity

The Thang:

  • Leave the AO towards Galway
  • Right on Galway to Saye Cut
  • Right on Saye Cut to Old Woodlands
  • Left on Old Woodlands to Hampton Trace
  • Left on Hampton Trace to Chimney Hill
  • Right on Chimney Hill to the end (by the pool/cul-de-sac), turn around to Dean Hall
  • Left on Dean Hall to Rosebank
  • Left on Rosebank around the half loop to Dean Hall
  • Left on Dean Hall to Hampton Leas
  • Right on Hampton Leas (unless you wanted an extra #PondoMile – then left to the end of Hampton Leas and back) to Old Woodlands
  • Left Old Woodlands to Olde Knight Parkway
  • Right on Olde Knight to the AO

Link to the Course



  • Bull on Fire is Labor Day 09/07.  In honor of September 11th, Backdraft, Spot, and Cheesesteak have something special planned. The #ConcreteBeast will be taken over by the men of our fire department simulating what our brave men do on a daily basis going up and down stair towers with full fire gear. You won’t want to miss this!
  • Mud Run is 10/24, signups are open! Heist is the Q.
  • Grit Iron is a new kettle bells + agility workout starting 09/14 at #Woodshed.
  • Hurricane Hike is 09/19
  • #2nd F opportunity: 09/27 Skeet Shooting with the guys! Backdraft is the Q, details coming soon…
  • #3rd F opportunity: Tuesdays at Eastminster Pres Church 6 pm (holler @F3Papercut if interested), A Life Worth Living.
  • Spur is the new AO on USC campus at Blatt PE Center. Nikita is the AO Q. HC to come out and expand your horizons.

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