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QSource Leadership Development Program

AO: Armory
Q: BunkBed
PAX: BunkBed, SweetTart, Backstop, Serena, Phlegm
FNGs: None
Stories of Backstop’s High School reunion.
Blossom OnB #AsGosIntended and discussed the key points of developing a Leadership Development Program in your team/organization.
Summary of topic
PAX talk about what stood out to them in the reading and how it applies to F3, work and family life. Phlegm communicating to his child you can’t win everything, but you can improve with each attempt. Serena mentioning Too Big to Fail mentality at work hinders growth. Being okay with pouring in effort into training an individual, but understanding they may never use those skills for your organization.
What part of the LDP stands out to you and who was a Mentor in your life that helped you go through at least one, or even the whole process of the LDP?
Backstop talks about his father, BunkBed about mentoring as a PhD student, SweetTart about mentoring students in his youth group and members of his church and F3 such as Thumbs Up who have mentored him.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 03-11-23 F3 Charleston Anniversary!
COT: Prayers for Phlegm’s wife Mackie and her breast cancer and BunkBed’s wife Lindsay

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