• When: 10/08/15
  • QIC: Insanity
  • The PAX: Adrian, Drano, Y2K, McLovin, OC, Cesspool, Strudel, Package, Promo, Bromo (FNG-Jay Gambrell), Paperboy, Beads, Betamax, RA, Jenny, Snotrocket, Insanity

Almost 45 Minute AMRAP

17 pax, including some new faces and some really old faces, took to Thunder for 45 minutes of AMRAPS.

The Thang

Warm-up jog to other sideline and back.


SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Squat Walkers x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Flutters x 20 IC

10 Burpees OYO

2 min amrap- 10 merkins, 10 squat jumps, 10 LBCs.  Mosey to next corner of field.

20 sec amrap- burpees.  Mosey to next corner.

2 min amrap- 10 widearms, 10 Freddie Mercurys, 10 jump lunges. Mosey to next corner.

20 sec amrap- burpees.  Run out gate down Woodrow to Wheat intersection.

2 min amrap- 10 diamonds, 10 BB sit-ups, 10 imperial squat walkers.  Run down Wheat to King intersection.

Plank sequence.


2 min amrap- 5 box jumps, 10 declines, 15 in & outs.  Run to playground equipment.

4 min amrap- 5 pull-ups, 5 butterfly sit-ups, 5 tuck jumps.  Back to amphitheater.

2 min amrap- 5 Bulgarian squats (each leg), 10 inclines, 15 Russian twists.  Run back to Hand field.

Modified Tabata  (do exercise for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds)

Merkins- 6 rounds (I think)

Ab work- 8 rounds

Burpees- 3 rounds to finish at 7:00.



Lots of work to be done in the area over the coming days and even weeks.  F3 is organizing cleanups.  Check twitter and email.  Big day planned for Saturday.  Please join in and help if you can.

Paperboy is taking over the reigns as AOQ.  I’m sure he’ll keep up the high standard of Thunder. Looking forward to what the next year holds.

Big TClaps to McLovin for his time and work over the past year making Thunder a great AO.

Package is moving to NC next week so bid him farewell.  Great having you Package and best of luck.

Let OC know if you want be added to the devotional list.


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