• When: Oct. 8th 2015
  • QIC: ChopShop
  • The PAX: Ducky, Sweetness, Toolbag, Collar, Myrtle, ChopShop, Turtle, Bareback, Misfire

Hand Day at Hammer

The Thang –

SSH x 25

Squat x 25

Mountain Climber x 25

Grab Pavers. Exit through back head over to Ivy Hall Loop.

Parner up. One partner does exercise while runs loop with pavers. X2 each time

Merkins, Russian Twist, Monkey Humper

In Between each set

30 x curls

30 x Push Press

30 x Tricep Extension

Drop Pavers off. Go to tennis courts.

Suicide, Bear Crawl/ Sprint  X 2

1.5 minutes AMRAP LBC’s

51 Flutter Kicks


With everything going on the past week it was nice to be able to get away from everything just get back to doing what we are used to, even if it was just for a short time. Great work by all the #hammer PAX and all of F3 all over the community this week! Proud to be a part of something so special!


Check Twitter for up to the minute releases on ares of need, etc. There is something to done 24/7.

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