• When: 2021-05-06
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Schweddy, Ripcord, BallBoy, Pele, Crawlspace, Lumen, Rovet

Welcome back Ripper

8 men came out for a welcome back party as Ripcord has been released to come back to Score after surgery.  The Q was tailored to fit doctor’s orders, which by the way, seem like solid orders for life in general (no burpees and no running).

Conditions: 60 degrees and clear

The thang:

Mosey to the nice pavement and circle up:

Side Straddle Hop x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Little Baby Prenups x15 IC (forward and backward)

Overhead Press x15 IC

Overhead Clap x15 IC

Prisoner Squat x15 IC

Downward Dog into plank jacks x15 IC

Do a few stretching exercises on your six

Freddie Mercury x15 IC


Freedom Twist x15 IC

Mosey to goal line of football field in parking  lot, partner up and next exercise was explained:

First partner does 10 merkins while other partner planks, then other partner does 10 merkins while first partner planks.  First partner then does 9 merkins while other partner planks.  Continue this pattern until both partners have gone down to 1 merkin

Lunge walk to 20 yard line and first partner does 10 Big Boy situps while other partner does flutters, and then other partner does 10 Big Boy situps while first partner does flutters.  Same sequence until both partners get to 1 Big Boy situp – Stargazer

Lunge walk to 40 yard line, and go back to merkins.

Lunge walk to other 40 yard line, and back to Big Boy situps – Stargazer

Lunge walk to 20 yard line, for merkins.

Lunge walk to goal line for Big Boy situps.

Mosey to bricks and circle up

Everyone told to complete 100 curls for the girls and 100 tricep extensions OYO

Get on your six and everyone told to complete 100 bench press and 100 flys OYO

Put up bricks and mosey back to goal line. Lt Dan to first light pole and then high knees to next light pole

Circle up one last time:

Howling Monkeys

Ab set: Rosalita, Hello Dolly, Boxcutter

COT and BOM. Great work by all.  Great to have Ripcord back and also great to have Schweddy come back as well. 4 for coffee.

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