• When: 2021-05-04
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Robber, Spot, Cesspool, Chalupa, ChurchKey, BillyBob, Hustler, Huffy, Wingman, Insanity

It’s the CLIMB at Thunder

Tuesday morning felt muggy and damp for a change as YHC erroneously pulled into the Hand MS parking lot at 5:25. No one was there and in the deep recesses of the brain something sparked around 5:28 that had been seen somewhere about the AO being moved to Shandon Presbyterian – oh yeah, it was in that tweet I had read sometime around, I don’t know, 30 minutes earlier. Real smart. Anyway, YHC got to the AO a minute or so late to find the Pax completing a whole bunch of jumping jacks, took the deserved ribbing, and started everyone on a mosey back to Hand.

Conditions: Humid and Warmish


Run to Hand MS

Begin at the corner of Wheat and and Woodrow

CLIMBS until you reach the stop sign at King St, then run the U around Hand back to the start. CLIMBS distance = 190yds, U Run Distance = .4mi


C – 5 Clap Merkins

L – 10 Lunges (walking)

I – 15 Imperial Walkers (walking)

M – 20 Merkin Walks (1 merkin, 2 bear crawls fwd)

B – 25 Big Boy Sit-ups

S – 30 Squats

*took most Pax about 3 CLIMBS to complete the distance to King St. each time

*Run the U back to start, repeat

*Thunder Pax completed almost 4 rounds of this until we hit 6:12am and ran back to COT

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