• When: 2021-02-16
  • QIC: Dirty Bird
  • The PAX: 9 PACs, Dirt Dobber, Ken Doll, Hops, Julip, Rah Rah, Tinkle, Hemingway, Grout, and Dirty Bird (respect)

Tomahawk Conducts Bonescatter

Recap: The Tomahawk witness a Boneyard Bone Scatter workout. 9 Pacs completed 8 exercises while toting blocks up and down behind Gilbert High School carrying for 40 yards in between each bucket (3 sets of Buckets). Work out set up modification showed that Dirty Bird actually ran. Believe it or not it happened.

Begin Workout: Today’s workout will feature a warm-up, bone scatter challenge, and wrap up. Ssh X15 TttX15 LbacX 30 reverse X30 The Thang Start at end line 30 merkins Carry 2 blocks for 40 yards (1 block modification due to low resources) 30 bbsu Carry one block for 40 yards above head 30 LBCs (4 count) 30 overhead presses 30 tricep extensions Carry one block for 40 yards above head 30 Squats with block 30 Flutter Kicks (4 count) Carry 2 blocks back for 40 yards 30 curls Rinse and repeat by subtracting 2 reps each time. (I.e 30, 28, 26, 24 )

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