• When: 2021-01-12
  • QIC: Taurasi
  • The PAX: Taurasi "Q," Rug Master, Gypsy, Splatter, and She Shed.

Taurasi Modified Tidal Wave, Post Tide win “Q.” NO Heffalump’s to be found…

You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂

Temperature was 39, light rain/mist, just enough to dampen the gloom for a 2021 Taurasi modified Tidal Wave beatdown at F3 BeechHouse! Light-Pole to Light-Pole pain stations.

Shovel Flag- Check… New AOQ SheShed!  Come join us Tues/Thurs 5:00AM

5 Pax?! I guess the fart sack got the best of all these Bama fans?! 5 of us sharpened iron! We certainly are welcoming back some of our lost, fartsacking pax!  Where are You? Come Back!


Not a Professional at this F3 thing. Field Goal AGAIN made me accountable this AM by placing me on the Q sheet. Guess who FARTSACKED? I am sure there is some lame excuse…

Opening prayer for workout safety, fellowship, F3 and try to stay dry. “Where is everyone?”

Modify as needed, No FNG’s present… Follow me…

Warm Up… (hint: at the Tidal Wave 1st light pole)

1st exercise is… Starting position move, in cadence, exercise… Imperial Walkers X 20, Thru the tunnel X 20, forward and reverse LBAC X 20 each direction, 20 Merkins OYO, Side Straddle Hop X 20

Starting at the 1st Light pole complete 20 Merkins, run to the next light pole, complete 20 Bobby Hurly’s (in honor of AoQ), next light pole complete 20 Imperial Walkers, rinse and repeat to complete lap #1.

Lap#2 Taurasi asked the pax to pick out the next set. Gypsy went brain dead and said oh “Hell.” Q said ohhhhh Burpee’s? No No No!!! squats it is X 20 along with Dips X 20, and something else X 20.

Lap#3 Taurasi asked the pax to pick out the next set. Rug Master called for 20 X calf raises, Splatter mountain climbers X 20, and lunges X 20 each leg.

3 laps completed, Recover! Mosey Back to the flag.

5 Pax, Name-O-Rama,   Taurasi “Q” , Rug Master, Gypsy, Splatter, and She Shed. Missing a bunch of Pax!

Announcements; Christmas party in Dec. Lol… AOQ asking to reach out in Summerlake to gather more sad clowns for bootcamp!

Prayers for those struggling with COVID, (mentally and physically) and life, Country issues, prayers spoken and unspoken.

Prayer out. Great job men!


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