• When: 2021-02-02
  • QIC: Blue Rhino
  • The PAX: Tardy,BooBoo,Danica,Haboob,Adluh,Broadhead,Bar Crawl,Rename,Deebo,Banjo,Pennyworth (ReSpeCt),Cream cheese, Blue Rhino

Detainee Field Trip!!

Conditions: *windy, cold, * 35*


The Thang:
Lately we have been wearing out blocks and that fresh paved drive. YHC needed some change. Decided to take the men on a field trip off campus. Plenty of mumblechatter to be had, but, excellent work by all. Here is how it went down. 

Circle up:
-SSH x20 IC
-TTT x20 IC
-Arm Circles x 20 IC Fwd
-Arm Circles x 10 IC Rev (just because it’s fun to mess with TARDY)
-OVC x 20 IC
-Slow Mo Squat x 3ct @10 IC

-Mosey out parking lot to first corner of school yard.
-10 merkins each light pole up to entrance of Tennis center- (Is this a entrance? No that is-Does it say enter? No- Both can be a entrance and exit- Keep moving- More Merkins)

-Enter tennis center- 
-Form line- attempt a Indian Snake-gracefully weaving in and out from line on right to lines on left- continue to other entrance or exit, however you like to call it.

-Form a line- Yes together, not staggered- 
-Count off 10 parking spaces
Run to furthest line, back to first line- Rinse and Repeat at each descending line until done.

-Mosey to roundabout- Circle up- 10 toe taps on each quadrant- circles don’t have quadrants? yes they do- North, South, West, East- move left- I mean right. 

-Mosey out of parking lot to Baseball complex- see a pole, do 10 more merkins and another pole- 80 merkins all together

-Mosey to baseball complex parking lot
There are 5 trash cans- all green but one blue
10 squats at first trash can, suicides to blue can- 2 burpees
Rinse and repeat

-Mosey to picnic tables-
-10 dips at each table, lunge to adjacent picnic table- rinse and repeat 5 times

Mosey to last set of trash cans- There are 7
Start at first one- suicide to next can- rinse and repeat until finished. 

2+miles WO-Run-However you feel Strava needs to see it-time called- work was done-everyone got better.

Overall today was better than the last Q and the next one will be better than the last- you could easily let it get to you or you can get better. Like the men of Detention, even with all the heckling and mumblechatter, they continue to put in work. I couldn’t ask for a better group of men to keep me in check so I can build on my short comings. For that, I am thankful- even tardy



-Dam 2 Dam volunteers – See Juice or Paper Jam
-2/13-2/15 #Miles4Mark virtual 5k RunHard signup
3/13-Cottonmouth Geo Cache
-3/19-20 P200 March 1


-Praises-Barcrawl step dad-Covid, doing bettr
-H4T procedure (prayers brother)
-Pax suffering injuries

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