• When: 2021-02-04
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Dunphy (R), Buzzsaw (R), Knozit (R), Ken Doll, Coon Dog, Cheers, Dr. Lovin (R), Iron Mary (R)

Back Squats, Numbskull!

Always good to visit my brothers of the Shank and today was no exception.  Lots of #Respect in attendance made YHC feel even more at home.  Good crowd for a cold morning, so YHC dialed up his best.  Work was done and we all came away better.  Can’t ask for much more than that!  Cheers doesn’t know what a back squat is, so YHC scolded him appropriately.  

Weather – 26 degrees and calm


Opening Prayer

Mosey all the way around the parking lot and circle up by the shed for COP


SSH x 20 IC

OH Clap x 10 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mosey to the block pile and grab one

The Thang

Block Relay

Start on the goal line and Block OH Lunge for 10 yards 

Block Merkins x 5

Run back to goal line

Air Squats x 5

Run back to block and Block OH Lunge to 20

Block Merkins x 5

Run back to goal line

Air Squats x 5

Repeto until all the way to the opposite goal line

Plank for the 6

OH Carry back to starting goal line 


Filthy 50

Curls x 50

Run to opposite goal line and back

Merkins x 50

Run to opposite goal line and back

Repeto with…

Sumo Squats x 50

OH Press x 50

Back Squats, Numbnut! x 50

Block Swings x 50

Return Blocks and mosey back to shed for Mary


Flutter Kick x 30

Gas Pumps x 10

American Hammer x 15

LBC’s x 15

Mosey the big parking lot and circle up for COT and BOM




  • 7 year convergence – March 6th, RBHS, 6:30 – EH as many as possible
  • Dam2Dam Relay – February 20th – Looking for volunteers 
  • Fundraiser for Gilbert student with cancer

Prayer Requests:

  • No Show
  • Notebook
  • Griggs
  • Covid illnesses

Closing Prayer

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