• When: 2021-01-23
  • QIC: Cowbell
  • The PAX: Kenwood (R), Meatball, Mercy Rule, Grave Digger, Cowbell

7 years of F3 by YHC

This morning we celebrated 7 years of being a member of F3 Nation. It has been a great ride and I owe so much to it and my brothers. You have made me better.

Weather was a nice chilly 35 degrees.

We started with a prayer, then mosied over to the closest field and circled up for a warm up.

20 SSHops, 20 Imperial walkers, 10 TTT, 20 little baby arm circles, 20 over head claps

The Thing:

I had prepped 20 tennis balls for the occasion. I wanted to make our workout fun by adding some variety, creativity and competition.

The first game was called Robin Hood

For this game I had two baskets and 20 tennis balls. We divided into 2 teams and I placed one basket towards the back of each team’s area and scatter the balls in the middle of the play area near the dividing line.

When the game begins, all players run to grab one ball at a time, and place them in their respective team baskets. Once all of the balls have been placed in baskets, players can begin to run to the other team’s basket, remove one ball at a time, and run to place it back into their own basket.

This was basically a suicide race to get as many balls as possible in your basket. More PAX would have helped, especially since we had an odd number.

Next was a Team ball race

10 balls were spaced out about 10 yards apart on the field. We broke up into two teams. Each team raced to a ball and brought it back to their team lined up at the end zone. The whole team proceeds to do the exercise on the ball. When each group finishes as a team, a new PAX runs to get another ball and do that exercise. First team to finish wins.

Two balls have the following exercises on them:

-Run around the field

-10 Burpees

20 hand release merkins

40 mountain climbers

10 T-Plank merkins

20 squat jumps

20 BBSups

10 Iron crosses

20 SSHops

20 Shoulder taps

Our third game was dodge ball at the baseball practice field. One PAX is on the pitchers mound while the remaining PAX run around home plate from first base to third base. Whoever gets nailed becomes the new pitcher.

Mosie back to the flag.

Prayers for Notebook, our country, No Show, Meatballs neighbor with cancer.


Lessons learned from 7 years

– F3 is a keystone habit. One in which many other good habits form

  • You are exercising. That makes you healthier
  • You have to wake up earlier
  • You have to go to bed earlier
  • You prioritise yourself and your health and get it over with first thing in the morning
  • You get the best/hardest part of your day over with first
  • You eat better bc you are making healthier decisions by prioritizing your health
  • You don’t drink as much if you know you have to wake up eariy in the morning
  • Since you go to bed earlier, you miss out on all the trouble you could get into by staying out late
  • You make great friends
  • You are surrounded by other men who have your best interest in mind
  • You now have a support group you can lean on for help
  • You can end up making the best friends of your life
  • You are more accountable to your fellow man
  • You aren’t surrounded by women at the gym who could distract you and possibly get you into trouble
  • Your new friends make you better and you enter a positive feedback loop by making them better too
  • You feel like you are part of something good
  • You save money by not spending it on a gym

Quotes to ponder:


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self” Ernest Hemingway

“If you do enough small things right, big things can happen.” John Wooden

These two are great and apply to F3. Getting up and doing stupid repetitive exercises from someone that is not a professional and really doesn’t know what they are doing, is a small thing that adds up to a big thing. Making F3 a habit also makes you superior to your former self. If we are growing every day, life will eventually get better. You will make a difference and other good men who surround you will rub off on you and make a positive difference in you. 

They say you are the sum total of your friends. Who you surround yourself with will rub off on you and you will become like them. F3 has definitely rubbed off on me in the last 7 years and I am so much better for it.

  • I have maintained a great fitness level
  • I have never had as close and as many friends
  • I am a part of something bigger than myself
  • I am contributing to the greater good
  • I am invigorated and a better leader
  • I want to pass it on and spread the good word 

It is great to know I have men that know me and are there to support me. Thank you!


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