• When: 2023-12-21
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Garth (R), Coon Dog, Shades of Grey, Lego, Duff, Shortage, Soaker (R)

5 Years of Shank-a-licious Times

Here is the story of how YHC came to be a kool-aid drinking Shanker. My neighbor, Doc Lovin’, saw me in my driveway on a Monday night and asked what I was doing on Tuesday morning. YHC said nothing and said be outside at 5:15 and a cup of coffee will be waiting. That’s my EH story. YHC was hooked after a Hash & Rice beatdown.

The 1st F3 workout was a Dora partner routine. Cowbell was the dude that had to watch YHC struggle through the crabwalks and bearcrawls. This dude was encouraging throughout the workout even though we consistently were in the 6 position due to my efforts. What a great introduction to Shawshank.

During the past 5 years, we have a few guys come and go, but the core group is as solid a bunch of guys that could be found anywhere. We have shared quite a bit together, been through losses, seen additions to family, and prayed for one another on a regular basis. YHC would trust this group with anything. The past 5 years has taught me the importance of having the right men in your life who are trustworthy, reliable, and will hold you accountable for bootcamps and life in general. Enough of the sap, on to today.

1 minute warning (based on the north star), disclaimer, no FNG’s, open in prayer.

Mosey to block pile and grab 1 for each hand.

Set blocks down on chosen field and circle up for COP.

SSH x 25 IC, LBAC x 10 IC (forward and backward), OH clap x 15 IC, Imperial Walker x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC.

The Thang:

50 curls, 50 block squats, then farmer carry to midfield for 10 blockees. Farmer carry to far goal line for 50 curls, 50 block squats. Farmer carry back to midfield for 10 blockees. Farmer carry back to first goal line.

Run lap around the field.

50 bent over rows, 50 OH presses, repeat the farmer carry and blockee routine. 50 bent over rows and OH presses and far goal line, repeat farmer carry and blockee routine.

50 merkins on the block.

Recover and return blocks.

Mosey to shelter.

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC.

Recover and return to the flag.


$ to Lego – Lighthouse for Life.

Be the Buffalo coming up.

Christmas Ruck.

New Year’s Day convergence – WKHS.

Prayer Requests:

Cheers (hammy) / Ashley.

All those fighting cancer.

Garth (leg).

Friend of Garth – lost 23 year old son in car accident.

Friend of Shades – mom with breast cancer.

Families / Marriages.

Close in prayer.

Devo: Titus 2:11-14 – solid verses on why Jesus came.  1) to bring salvation. 2) to train us to live godly lives in this present age. 3) to give us hope for the 2nd coming. 4) to purify us to be zealous for good works.

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