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Another Goat Hill Beatdown at HITThursday.

THE PAX: Tinkle, Hemmingway, Hops, Grout, Ken Doll, Brick.

One Minute Warning:



The weather: a crisp 30 degrees

6 pax bring great effort and knock out another HITThursday at Tomahawk.

Enjoyed it today, Men! Great to be back out there with you all.

Thanks to KD for bringing the Country Music playlist today (is there really any other option in Gilbert America?!).

Mosey to block pile and return back to the bottom of Goat Hill

The Thang(s):

We divided up into 2 teams of 3. One pax is doing the below counted exercises, one pax is running up Goat hill, and one pax at the top of Goat hill is doing as many reps as possible of the core exercise until the running pax get to him (75yds). Then switch and keep going in team relay fashion until all of the below cumulative team reps are done. 

100 Team Blockees –>Decline BBSU’s (as many as possible)

200 Team Block Thrusters –>Mt. Climbers (as many as possible)

300 Team Kettlebell Swings –> In and Out’s (as many as possible)

Mosey back to put the blocks up.



  • Tomahawk converging with Shawshank next Thursday for KD’s 10-year anniversary.
  • NYD Convergence at Snakepit at 7am
  • Nativity Ruck at 9/11 memorial at 500am


  • Sarah and Jesse Harmon

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