• When: 2024-04-19
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: BunkBed, Rock Drop

Urban Bell Work

AO: urban_legend
FNGs: None
YHC took off for some miles and joined stride for a few as well. Got some nerdy stats conversation in with Eggo.
YHC rolls in late as he overdid the Stridelite and should have cut the route on Meetze and not on 378. :flushed: Rock Drop didn’t seem too concerned though.
Mosey across the parking lot
2. Merkins X20 OYO
3. Squats X20 OYO
1. Low plank hold 1 min
2. Side plank hold 30 sec
3. Other Side plank hold 30 sec
1. Jane Fonda
1. Up-Down, CW and CCW X10 IC
1. Fane Jonda
1. Up-Down, CW and CCW X10 IC
1. Repeat on the otherside
Mosey to car and get the gadgets and gizmos
THE THANG: :kettlebell:
Tabatta with Kettlebells 45 sec of work and 15 sec of rest between stations
1. Thrusters 45 lbs kettlebell
2. Curls 30 lbs kettlebell
3. Flutter Kicks
4. Single Leg Deadlift Left Leg 25 lbs
5. Single Leg Deadlift Right Leg 25 lbs
6. Low walk with the band in the parking space
7. Triceps Extension Left 20 lbs
8. Triceps Extension Right 20 lbs
9. WWIII Sit-Up 35 lbs
10. Ab Roller
Rise and repeat the cycle till time
The Thrusters definitely kicked YHC’s butt and Rock Drop was also sad the timer kept going off ha! The PAX put in the work this morning. :aye:
04-24-2024 0500 Drew Barr Memorial Run stampede
04-27-2024 stride 10 year anniversary
Prayers for YHC family as we navigate parenthood, YHC’s friend Christian and his wife as they look for a church.

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