• When: 2020-06-20
  • QIC: Ken Doll, Cheers, Dunphy, Coon Dog, Bing
  • The PAX: Cow Bell, Kukoc, Dominion, Kenwood (R), Coon Dog, Lizard Man, Argyle, Muggy Tape, Grave Digger, Slum Lord (R), Gills, Dr. Lovin' (R), Tadpole, Soaker, Seven-Eleven, Dunphy (R), Feeny, The Uniballer, Knozit (R), Grass Hopper, Nick, Freestyle, Ram Rod, Honey Boo Boo, Cheers, Ken Doll, Bing

6 Years of Shawshank

27 PAX posted at Shawshank this morning to celebrate the 6-year anniversary of F3 Lexington’s first #WestSide AO.

Conditions: 70 deg F, typical humidity, typical Shawshank wetness

1 Minute Warning, FNGs, Brief History Lesson from KD, Disclaimer, Prayer

Mosey to the Big Field for COP led by Ken Doll:
– SSH X 10 IC
– Merkins X 10 IC, Hold Plank
– Plank Jacks X 10 IC, Hold Plank
– Mountain Climbers X 10 IC, Hold Plank
– Merkins X 10 IC, Hold Plank
– Right Arm Up, Left Arm Up, Recover

Count off by 4’s (always an adventure) and follow the corresponding former Shawhank AOQ to a pain station:
1. Coon Dog: Mini-Slammer
2. Cheers:
     – Squats x 50
     – Lunge 20 yards
     – Bonnie blairs x 25 each leg
     – Lunge 20 yards
     – Calf raises x 50
     – Lunge 20 yards
     – Mountain climbers x 25 each leg
     – Lunge 20 yards
     – Squats x 50
     – Lunge 20 yards
     – Sprint 100 yards
     – Rest 30 seconds
     – Bear crawl for 50 yards or until time is called
3. Bing: EMOM of Merkins X 10, Squats X 8, Plank Jacks X 6
4. Dunphy: Burpee Beer Pong

Rotate to the next station when time is called until you’ve completed all 4 stations.



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

– Next Saturday’s WO is at The Hollow
– Father’s Day 6/21
– 6/21 is the 3-year anniversary of Cheech’s accident. If you’re out running on the roads, be lit up and/or reflective, run with others, and assume that the cars don’t see you. Most importantly, #LeaveNoDoubt

Prayer Requests:
– Our country
– The Uniballer’s son reporting to the Marine Corps
-Doo Dah
-Cheers’ co-worker in Myrtle Beach
-Bing’s uncle

BOM, Prayer

Devo by Lego & Cheers:

PROVERBS 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

6 years.  That’s a long time.  A lot of things can happen in 6 years.  What has happened in the life of Shawshank during that time?  For one thing every AO on this side of town can trace it’s roots back to The Shank.  Men have lost weight and become more physically fit than they ever thought they could.  Men have ran everything from 5ks to marathons.  Men have been involved in 30 hour relay races, GoRucks, and obstacle courses.  Most of us probably thought we may have been able to do that back when we were Gills age, but not anymore.  Yet here we are.

Based upon what I have experienced and what I have heard others say and do, Shawshank and F3 has done a lot more than turn middle aged mean into studs.  We have also become better husbands, become new fathers or better fathers.  We have become Sunday School teachers and church leaders.  We have Pax that give up their time for one worthy cause after another.  We have become the type of men that people want to have in their company, in their neighborhood, in Lexington.  None of us are perfect, but I would bet 100% of the men here today are better physically, emotionally, and spiritually than the day before F3.  That is what Proverbs 27:17 put into practice looks like.  

As big as F3 Lexington is, it isn’t big enough.  Sad Clowns are still existing within our community.  I truly feel sorry for them.  In the following years to come, let us all re-commit ourselves to living out all three F’s.  Let each one of us make sure that we allow ourselves to be sharpened as we sharpen our brother.

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