• When: 07/27/15
  • QIC: CornStache
  • The PAX: Costanza, Promo, Huffy, Windy, SubPrime, CornStache

Mr. Hand dishes out Yasso’s

Mondays.  Where ever the weekend leads you there’s no doubting the feeling of a Monday.  From the sounds of the early grumbles, there appeared to be a mix of adult beverages, people watching, and camping over the pax’s weekends (not all together).  Regardless of how they were feeling, 6 pax came out of the fray to dust off the cobwebs and have a strong start to the week.

Conditions: 77 with 62% humidity

The Thang: From SPC the pax jogged to the track at Hand Middle by way of Maple Street.  At Hand YHC hesitantly told the pax the plan: 7x800m with one slow lap in between each.  YHC then added that people could do 6 or whatever they were up to.

After the pax finished, then ran back to SPC.

COT and BOM by YHC.


  • When back at SPC someone said “We usually start the track work with 5 x 800’s”…. that basically sums up the feelings of everyone involved in this workout.  For those that did all 7, this workout was ~ 6 miles.  LONG for a speed day.
  • One curve around the hand track is YHC’s nemesis.  3 of the curves are okay, and the last is like a beach. YHC may go try to fix it over the weekend.
  • Very disappointed with the performance of Strava on this workout.  SubPrime, Windy, and YHC were close for most of the run yet had wildly different splits.  Come on Strava!


  • Hot summer nights 5K this weekend!!  Party at Promo’s afterward!
  • Little mountain half 8/15.  HC on the pre-blast.

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  1. Strava is a great concept. It justices weird sometimes. I mean, what’s so wrong with just displaying the data? Why adjust it?

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