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I’m the capgun of this ship

AO: woodshed
Q: capgun
PAX: capgun, Pondo, Silver Bullet, Teddy, Chewy
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Capgun jogged over to loosen up his calves

It was the 2nd of April, and 4 of us set out from the AO at Woodland Park Park-ing Lot at exactly 5:30am sharp. The destination was the little circle area at the bend on Olde Knight.

Upon departure a set of headlights approached in the distance heralding the arrival of Silver Bullet. As he parked his vehicle we continued to the circle and began the warm-o-rama, consisting of the littlest of Baby Arm Circles, Imperialist Walkers, Windmills, and the finest of exercises, the Merkin. Silver bullet joined shortly after we mistook the shirtless gloom jogging man for him.

We then proceeded over to the parking lot area place thingy for 5 burpees to much jubilation, and then over near the baseball diamond to the bleachers for some body weight exercises. There were decline merkins (derkins), dips, incline merkins (inclerkins), and more dips!

We then ran over to the front of the school but only after I first declared to destination to be the AO but then changed my mind at the last minute to indeed be the front of the school (where it is widely known the pavement is more luxuriously smooth), which is my privilege as the captain of this fine vessel, so the course was set and all climbed aboard for some legs and abs work.

Once we arrived we did a variety of crunch too common to be named, but widely debated what to call it, left right cross crunches, and leg raises

Then squats, lunges front, lunges side, lunges back, and pole dancer calf raises.

Then the abs routine again.

>From there, completely swirling in the space and time continuum I lost my sense of chronological awareness and declared the AO to be the destination again, once more changing course and saying “just kidding” when I realized I confused the 38 minute mile pace of the workout with the clock leaving more time for calisthenics, so we headed back to the top of the pelt driveway thingy to do 5 more burpees. The complaining seemed louder but I persisted and we returned to the bleachers for another round of body weight exercises.

We then resumed a trot back to the park driveway for some more squats, lunges, etc before FINALLY returning, and this time for real, to the AO for a 1 minute rolling thunder push up / circle merkin whatever you want to call it.

Count off


Capgun runs home then deciding since it’s spring break and everyone asleep why not go to Starbucks where he found chewy ordering a half a cold brew

The end

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