• When: 08/29/15
  • QIC: Pipeline, Stent, PaperCut, LoveSeat, Kenny G, Backhoe, Improv, Stetch, SilverBullet, Odyssey, BigTime, Pondo
  • The PAX: Stretch, Doobie, Sway, Mission, YogiBear, SkyRocket, Twinkle Toes, ShadeTree, Wingback, Insanity, Draino, OnRamp, Tonto, LoveBug, Staccato, Misfire, Turtle, Stent, Gypsy, Y2K, McLovin, Minion, KennyG, Backhoe, Pipeline, Robber, Sparks, Serena, Co-Pay, Odyssey, Neighbor, A-1, FroYo, Checker, Nails, TomCat, Cousteau, Squirts, RestStop, BigTime, Fife, DeanWormer, PreNup, Crack, Belding, Adrian, Change, Mulligan, Bubs, PaperCut, Meltdown, Chewey, Squint, PapaSmurf, LoveSeat, LowDot, Improv, BetaMax, Cheesy, Beads, Fountainhead, Rosenbagger, McNugget, SilverBullet, (FNG) DrySack, (FNG) Ice Cream Man, Pondo

Woodshed 1st Anniversary Workout

It finally happened.  Woodshed has been dishing out #Beatdowns for a year and we got to celebrate our birthday with 75 of our closest, sweatiest friends.  We kicked off the day with 16 pax for a #TanknaciousBeatDown from Pipeline down Martha and back with plenty of pain stations in between.  8 strikers doubled down for the 7:00 bootcamp.  4 BeastMode runners hit #TheWall route with Stent for a blistering 12 mile foray into SE Columbia.  Indian Mound is still smouldering.  BigTime and Odyssey led the #SCORE  train and the 7:00 bootcamp was a 4 station smackdown led by 8 Q’s from the Shed.

Conditions: 70’s and not too humid.  Perfect birthday weather

The Thang: This was a jam packed workout with lots to offer the pax.  DawnStrike and the Wall started at 6:00.  SCORE and Woodshed started at 7:00.  We had 2 FNG’s Dry Sack and Ice Cream Man and had the pleasure of hosting the Mission Pax.

Boris was presented with some fake dog poo, then returned the favor by rolling out his hot pink yoga mat during the COP.

After a brief welcome and shout out to Staccato for EH’ing YHC 2 years ago, we did a warm up in COP to the cracking tones of YHC’s yelling voice.  SSH, IW’s, Lots of Squats, LBC’s and Burpees.  Pax held high plank while SCORE departed for its workout, then YHC divided up the bootcamp pax for a 4 station workout, which included Blocks and pull ups at the back of the school, Ark Loading around the Circus Maximus, Trips to Burma and Monkey Humpers at the Baseball Field and Laps and Dora at the park playground.  Pax worked hard at each station and rotated every 12 minutes. Being AOQ has its privileges, as YHC got to sound the air horn to announce the transitions.  Mission and Robber  provided lots of mumble chatter.

SCORE did this:

4 Groups of 2 and 3 – each group has a tire

Team Tire Flip – 25 yards –

15 Sledgehammer Hits each on Tire

Each man farmers carry Tire 25 yards – others alternating between Curls with Bricks and LBCs – Continue 2 times through

Team Tire Flip – 25 yards –

15 Sledgehammer Hits each on Tire

Put tires up

Head to Portable for Wall-sit/Merkin Ladder – half run to trees and do 10 merkins while other half wall sit – continue on with 8,6,4,2 merkins per man

Circle up with Bricks

25 Curls

25 SSH


Merkin/Raise the roof ladder 1:3 ratio – 10 reps – ending on 10 merkins and 20 raise the roof – with bricks

25 LBCs

25 Curls

5 Boat Canoe with Bricks

5 Aqua man/superman

25 shoulder press with brick

25 Flys

To the wall 2minutes – alternating bricks overhead – out front and in lap

Each man shotputs their bricks for distance – just because we can

Put bricks up

5 minutes of Dealers Choice Mary

Bigtime – 25 LBCs

Checker – 25 Mountain Climbers – Welcome Back

Nails – 5 ManMakers

Neighbor – 25 Freddy Mercury – Welcome Back

Cousteau – 30 seconds AMRAP Merkins

Back to COT and BOM with Woodshed

Thank you Woodshed for Hosting a Great Convergence and inviting SCORE to participate. We had a blast. Hopefully we can repay the favor soon!

All pax returned to the COP for COT with some IC Flutters courtesy of SilverBullet as we waited for the 6.

Counterama: 67 present (8 Dawnstrikers called deuces early) including 2 FNG’s. Namerama, announcements: Mission on Saturdays at 8:30, looking for more mentors, Squints is leading an outdoor training and leadership class open to K-12.  Adrian’s church is having a BBQ with Coach Holbrook (Trinity Cathedral).  Prayer Requests for Walker and the Philips family.

Moleskin:  Celebrating an AO’s first anniversary is a big deal.  Thank you to all of the DT Columbia, Depo and Winnsboro Pax for showing up and showing out. You helped make it a great event.  YHC is humbled and honored by all the support and the opportunity to serve such a great AO.  Woodshed Pax, congratulations!  It’s been an incredible year.  Let’s make the next one even better. #ShedStrong!

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