• When: 08/30/15
  • QIC: Lloyd and Chaser
  • The PAX: Splinter, Okra, Abraham, RA, Nakita, WelcomeWeek, Gulag, Trilamb, Lumberg, Lloyd, Promo, Periscope, Scarlet, DenMother, Elaine, TinTin, Schrute (FNG Travis Kelly), HipsterHick (FNG Jacob Merritt), Dreamland (FNG Trevor Sutton), RonBurgandy, Chaser

#Spur’s Second Week Doesn’t Disappoint

21 men arrived at TheBlatt Saturday morning ready to start their weekend off we a bit of sweat and a bit of pain just to make the rest of the weekend seem that much better. Their plan worked as Lloyd to out his frustrations with his first 30 minutes of Q-dom and then handed off to YHC for the second 30.

Conditions: 70 and muggy.


Circle up:

SSH x20
Merkins x10
Imperial walker x20

Mosey to wall, 3 sets x 15 ea. of:
-box jumps
-decline merkins

Mosey to #SkyBridge, pair up:

10 minute AMRAP
1 partner run up bridge, 10 burpees at top, return & tag out. Other partner 10 hand release merkins, LBCs as many as possible until return.
RINSE & REPEAT x 10 minutes

Mosey to circle, 20x Russian twists and 10x merkins. Turn over to Chaser.


Fast mosey over to the pullup bars and split into 3 groups.

G1 40 merkins and plank till switch
G2 plank progression till switch
G3 on pullup bars by grouping (20/10/5 pullups based on current ability. Group members help struggling pax.)

Mosey to picnic table side of field.
Partner up.
8 Minute AMRAP:
P1 run from sideline to sideline and up hill touching fence. Back down hill and do 15 jump squats and run back to P2.
P2 flutter kicks until P1 arrives. P1 and P2 do 15 butterfly fist bump situps. FLAPJACK.

Lightning Round:
Same partners.
P1 runs 60 yards and back. P2 low planks. P1 and P2 do 10 hand release partner fist bump merkins. FLAPJACK.

Squats x 20
Fast mosey to #BlattWall
People’s Chair x 60
Squats x 15
People’s Chair x 45
Squats x 15
People’s Chair x 30

FlutterKicks slow x 30
Low plank x 60 seconds.

led by YHC

– Good work was done. Pace was kept pretty hig this morning and challenges were laid down by the Q. The pax rose to meet them. Impressive work for the second week for many pax and FNG post for several guys.

– We go 6-6:45 on Tues/Thurs and 7-8 on Saturdays. Be there.
– Mud Run signups are open. Let’s all sign up and form teams. Sign up here: MUD RUN

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