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Well… No Tire Workout

AO: Valhalla
Q: Swingline
PAX: Fenway, Two Gloves, Baconator
FNGs: None

x24 SSH
x24 Thru the Tunnel
x24 Carolina Dry Docks
x24 Imperial Walkers

Lap around Church Stairs

Get coupons

x24 Squat Thrusters
x24 Decline Push Ups
x24 Big Boys with Tire
x24 Tricep Dips
x24 Step Ups
x24 In and outs over the coupon
x24 Curls for Girls
x24 American Hammers
x24 Elevated Lunges
x24 Decline Crunches

John Wayne up the hill

Repeat same exercises

John Wayne down the hill

Repeat same exercises
4/29 – NE Convergence at Sawmill – Run Options (15-20-31 miles) and Bootcamp at 6:30 AM.
5/20 – Mt. Mitchell Family Day; either bring your family or one will be provided for you
5/29 – Memorial Day Murph

Devotion – When life hurts, we blame the pain and not our choices. The pain is meant for correction.

Continued prayers for Andy and Cathy (Baconator’s friends)
Prayers for Fenway’s thumb and healing

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