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Luck of the Irish

AO: Thunder
Q: BunkBed
PAX: BunkBed, Bucket Truck, CESS, Spot, Escrow, SweetTart, Fallout (1st F), Oscar, Insanity, Phlegm
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: A wee bit chilly, definitely needed gloves for this one! YHC did his darndest to put together something Irish themed in honor of St. Patrick’s Day being tomorrow. Most antics were appreciated…..I think….
PAX BYOC and take them to the track (Hereby known as the Pot of Gold). One lap around the track to get warm.
Circle up
In honor of St. Pat’s several exercises had their names changed
The Motivator X5 IC (Whose Motivated!!!)
Pulling Up Clovers (TTT) X10 IC
Kiss me I’m Irish (Burpees) X5 OYO
Irish Jig (Imperial Squat Walker) X17 IC
4 Leaf Clover (I’m a Star!) X17 OYO (Optional, yell, ‘they’re magically delicious!’ as you jump up.
Shamrock Shuffle (Fast Hillbillies with walking) X17 IC we faced left and everyone looked silly doing this which was the plan. However, YHC was informed that we were going CW and not CCW. Ooops!
With the Pots of Gold
Pot of Gold Squat X17 IC
Pot of Gold Swing X17 IC
Green Beer Curl (Congratulations your Pot of Gold now has green beer in it! Might even be better than gold to some.) X17 IC
On your 6 for Pot of Gold Twist (American Hammer) X17 IC
Sea Shanty (Break dancers) X17 IC
Corned Beef (T-Bones) X17 IC
Jane Fonda Up and Down X17 IC
Jane Fonda Clockwise (YHC got it right this time!) X17 IC
Fane Jonda (Leg that is on the ground goes up and down now) X17 IC
Fane Jonda Clockwise X17 IC
Rinse and Repeat the Jane Fonda and Fane Jonda on your other side.
Luck of the Irish
Each PAX rotates through the Pots of Gold as each was of varying mass to try and help alleviate the pain of swinging around the 50 lb kettle bell. T-Claps to Cesspool for sticking with it.
PAX at the front of the line rolls a die. Number on die indicates the exercise
1. 5 4 Leaf Clovers
2. 10 Pot of Gold Twists
3. 15 Pot of Gold Swings
4. You’ve got the luck of the Irish! 30 sec rest (or whatever you feel like doing. Several PAX did planks, air chair etc during this roll)
5. 20 Pot of Gold Squats
6. 30 Green Beer Curls
Mosey back to the flag and return the Pots of Gold
03-26-2023 2nd F Family Day at Steel Hands 1pm-till whenever
04-22-2023 F3 Hartsville Ruck Event
Cesspool reminded us of No Help’s message on ‘You are worth it’. Prayers for Bayou’s wife, Phlegm’s wife and Whitney’s son.

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