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Parking lot beat down!

AO: the_castle
Q: Big Worm
PAX: Escrow, High Stick, Fergie, Mimosa, Katniss, Wham, Special K, Wannabe
FNGs: None
WARMUP: some active stretching while walking in the parking lot
THE THANG: 4 ladders
First ladder: burpees 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 20 SSH after each set of burpees. After each set of burpees and SSH run to the roundabout and back.

Second ladder: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 hand release merkins; 30 flutter kicks after each merkin set. Run around roundabout and back after each set

Third ladder: same burpee and run scheme as first ladder, except do 15 iron crosses with each rung.

Fourth ladder: same merkin scheme, except do 15 heel tap to elbows LBCs. Shorten the run to the end of the first parking lot.

Then run to the very top of the parking lot and do 4 burpees. Run to the bottom of the parking lot and do 4 burpees.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: See channel. Prayer requests for Charles Holcomb and his family. Charles passed recently
COT: Lord’s Prayer

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