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Davant Loops

AO: the_castle
Q: Selfie
PAX: Buc-ee, Escrow, Katniss, Wham, Fergie, Mimosa, Dog-Faced Gremlin, Turnpike, Kamikaze, Wannabe, Special K, Burgundy, High Stick, TOY, Selfie
FNGs: None
Through The Tunnel
Little Baby Arm Circles
Overheard Arm Claps
Calf stretches
Plank Jacks
Grab a set of bricks and run left out of the AO to Braddock, Castle Hall and Davant. At each stop:
10 curls, 10 overheads, 10 squats, 10 shadow boxers.
Run up Davant, at the top do 10 merkins, 10 iron crosses, 10 LBCs.
Run back down to intersection and do brick exercises.
Cross over to Cotton Hope for bear crawls, sprints and Bernie sanders.
Back up Davant for another loop, some more bear crawls on cotton hope, then back to the AO.
I clocked 2.19 miles of fun with bricks, hills and more!
Steel Hands lunch on Friday
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