• When: 9/4/2015
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Tin cup, Sticatto, Papercut, Nails, Loveseat, Cheese Steak, Stretch, RIP

The NEW Ironyard

I would love to take credit for this shift in the workout at Ironyard but the reality is the credit goes to Backdraft. Ironyard is incorporating agility and cardio into the workouts from this point forward. Happy Trees did a great job with this earlier in the week and Wiki would have done the same this morning, except is he on the DL. So here it is. 8 pax members came out to celebrate a USC victory at Ironyard this am.

The Condition: Muggy as all get out

The Thang:
20 OYO for all exercises
butt kicks
high knees
skiing man
plank jacks
mountain climbers
flutter kicks

Mozy to the field
One person pulled 80lbs walking backwards x 100ft while the rest of the group cycled through the following exercises: bear crawled under the “contraption,” performed 10 merkins ran back to front of “contraption” and performed 10 squats. As soon as the first person completed the “sled” pull another one would go. Continue until everyone completed the “sled” pull.

Flutter kicks x 20 4 count
Rosalita’s x 20 4 count
LBC’s x 20 4 count

One person pulled the “sled” forward, 80lbs, x 100ft while the rest of the group cycled through the following exercises: 15 single curls for girls or 30 double arm, 5 squat thrust, 15 single tricep overhead extension or 30 double, 5 squat thrust, 10 napalms, 5 squat thrust. Cycle through until each person pulled the “sled.”

boat canoe 5 seconds for each x 6 bouts each

One person performed suicides from chutes to 1st tree/then back, brickipile/then back, far tree/then back while the rest of the group cycled through the following exercises: 10 rows, 10 dips, 10 seated pull ups. Eventually switched to single leg squats x 10 and 50 calf raises. Cycle through until each person performed suicides.

Mozy back to starting point.

Round robin
15 curls for girls
15 merkins
15 flutter kicks 4 count
10 sky thrusters?
15 KB swings
15 big boy sit-ups
15 napalms

– Tuesday night bible study at Eastminster at 6pm in room 355, Life worth living series
– Gritiron starts 9/14 at 5:30 at the Woodshed: combination of KB and agility
– Bull on Fire 9/7 at 5:30
– October 24 is the Mud Run, sign ups now
– Pray for those doing the BRR

Devotion: Matthew 11:28-30

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