• When: 08/24/2015
  • QIC: Robber
  • The PAX: BabyRuth Papa Smurf Serena CarpetBagger Cavity Backdraft Robber AltarBoy ToughGuy SisterWife DoubleRub LoveBug Grillz Bubbles Garnish McLovin Cavity Wingback Plea Nalpam

The Bull /seye’s New Victims

19 from around the Midlands unfartsacked themselves this morning in a restless effort to get better.

With the BRR just around the corner, the Bullseye crew showed up to do a little prework beginning at 05:00, hence the big numbers posted on the scoreboard today.

Word has it that the Ramble crew requested permission to buzz the Bullseye tower, but Viper denied the request. Being the tough talking, writing-checks-that-thier-bodies-cant-cash selves, they did it anyway.

Also notable, our man from the Mission Papa Smurf paid his first visit to The Bull this morning. It was good to see our long bearded brother. During COT, Papa took the time to say thank you for all that F3 has done for the Mission, and personally, in his life. He also said “you dudes are crazy”…


Results (#TheBull):

#Matador: Robber – 240 (50 lbs.)
Most Reps: Backdraft – 4.5 laps
Most Weight: Robber (50 lbs.)

Link to the Results

Results (#TheBullsEye):
AltarBoy 5.4
ToughGuy 7.7
SisterWife 6.9
DoubleRub 6.9
LoveBug 4.2
Grillz 4.5
Bubbles 4.7
Garnish 5.2
McLovin 5.4
Cavity 4
Wingback 7.9
Plea 4.5
Nalpam 5.2


During these brutal summer months, consider packing a towel for coffeeteria and saving our local baristas the humiliating injustice of having to clean your ass sweat from the chairs at Starbucks.

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