• When: 08/22/2015
  • QIC: OC
  • The PAX: OC, TempleBoy, Betamax, Paperboy, Driveby, Mission, Grillz, Sisterwife

#Dawnstrike Workout is #TOTES #FAB

8 Pax entered the gloom at #Dawnstrike on  Saturday and put in a pretty tough workout that most wanted to forget.  Sometimes even the Q has trouble remembering all the work that was put in. It was rough and as best I can remember it went a little something like this….

SSH x 40 (IC)

Flutter Kicks x 40 (IC)

Monkey Humpers x 20 (IC)

The #Dawnstrike Dozen (play on a Baker’s Dozen)

13 Burpees/13 Squat Jumps/13 Rocky Sit-ups (Countdown from 13 to 1 – 91 reps)

Between each Circuit – Sprint 25 yards (300 yards total)

Air chair until the six arrives (T-Claps to Paperboy for leading Pax since he finished first)

SSH x 40 (IC)

Flutter Kicks x 40 (IC)

Monkey Humpers x 20 (IC)

#DSTRIKE Pax not content with 91 reps so perform 9 Burpees/9 Squat Jumps/9 Rocky Sit-ups

100 Burpees/100 Squat Jumps/100 Rocky Sit-ups complete

Fast Mosey to  Parking Lot

Plank until 6 arrives

Merkins x 18 IC then hold at top and at the bottom on command #crowdpleaser

Count off 1’s and 2’s

1’s bear crawl 40 yards while 2’s air chair.  Flapjack

1’s crab walk 30 yards while 2’s plank.  Flapjack

5 rounds of People’s Chair for 1 minute with 20 Merkins OYO during the recovery

Fast mosey back  50 LBC’s (OYO)

Fast mosey to football practice field 50 LBC’s (OYO)

Fast mosey Shovel Flag and begin 1’s and 2’s again.

1’s sprint 100 yards while 2’s air chair.  Rinse and Repeat x 3

5 Minutes of Mary

Flutter Kicks x 40 (IC)

Freddy Mercury’s x 10 (IC)

Chaser LBC’s x 40 (OYO)

6” for 90 sec


Now Rinse and Repeat entire above



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