• When: 08/22/15
  • QIC: Papa Smurf & Alter Boy
  • The PAX: Change, Sand dollar, Stones, Tom Cat, Mulligan, Daisy, Kim Jung, Sparks, Serena, Heist, Pipeline, A1

Cinderblock Smackdown at #TheMission

14 pax gathered ’round the shovel flag planted at historic Finlay Park on a pleasant Saturday morning in downtown Columbia. What a beautiful day to sit on a park bench, read a book and just kick back and relax! But that’s not what the men of F3 are interested in when attending a workout. It’s called a downpainment for a reason and it has become obvious that our brothers from OGM walk down Arsenal Hill every Saturday morning for a challenge and not a walk in the park. They want the hard thing. To #GetBetter. And this was fully demonstrated by Papa Smurf as he assumed the postion of QIC and dropped the hammer on the pax in a cinderblock laden workout.

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
Lil baby arm circles x 20
Overhead clap x 15
Squat x 15
High knees x 15
Kick backs x 15
Flutter kicks x 15

Partner up:
Cinder block runner is the timer
Partner 1:
Sprint to cone 1: 5 curls
Sprint to cone 2: 5 squats with block
Sprint to cone 3: 5 merkins on block
Sprint back. Flap jack w/ Partner 2.

AMRAP exercises for Partner 2:
Mountain climber
Low Plank

Kim Jong tells pax what F3 means to him. Including a reference to a burpee in his comments…

Partner 1: Run 1 full suicide while Partner 2 does cinder block burpees AMRAP. Flap jack.

Mosey to playground

AMRAP 10 mins
5 pull-ups
10 jump squats
15 dips
20 LBC’s
Sprint to other side of field and back.

Dealers choice COP

Sparks SSH x 20
Sand dollar Ray Charles x 30
Tom Cat Merkins x 10


BOM led by Serena

Great work by Papa Smurf! This guy continues to take the initiative to lead and not only in word, but also by example. T-claps to Mulligan (respect), Tom Cat, Change and Papa Smurf for running 3-miles on Friday AM as they prepare for the Mud Run.

If you are interested in joining the OGM guys on a training run, these runs take place on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 0700 and meet at the entrance door of the Oliver Gospel Mission.

If you would like to be on a Mud Run team alongside our OGM brothers, please contact Robber.


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