• When: 08/22/215
  • QIC: Beacon & Serena
  • The PAX: Improv, Landline, Kenny G, Bucket Truck, Treehugger, Loveseat, Papercut, Skirt, Chewy, Beacon, Serena

A Little Saturday OT at the Shed

Many may think that bankers typically don’t work on Saturday, but Beacon and YHC sought to bring some serious Saturday Overtime to the Shed. In spite of the 88% humidity, PAX put-in a significant downPAINment! Work was done by all!!

Today’s Thang: Mosey from AO, L. Olde Knight, R. Chambly to intersection w/ Queensway

Pain Station: Imperial Squakers (Imperial Squat Walkers) 20 4ct IC

Mosey on Queensway to ‘bend’

Pain Station: “Russian Freddie” (Russian Twist with Bicycle Legs) 20 4ct IC

Queensway to intersection w/ Olde Knight, cross to Circus Maximus.

Pain Station: Monkey Humpers 20 4 ct IC (#crowdpleaser)


10 curb merkins (5 incline, 5 decline). Run Circus lap.

20 curb merkins (10 incline, 10 decline). Run Circus lap.

20 rotating curb merkins. Run Circus lap.

Mosey to Grab 2 Bricks.

Mosey to C.O.P.

SSH with bricks x 20 4ct IC

Arm Circles (front-back with bricks) x 10 4ct IC.

Squat Shoulder Press (with bricks) x 20 4ct IC.

Flutter Kick-Squat Sequence (each exercise 4 ct IC) 10-20-20-10)

Manmaker-Pull Up Sequence (another #crowdpleaser)

10 Manmakers-7 Pull Ups

7 Manmakers-5 Pull Ups

5 Manmakers-3 Pull Ups

3 Manmakers-1 Pull Up.

20 Hammer Curls 4 ct IC, rotate wrists forward for 20 Curls 4 ct IC.

20 Tricep Extensions 4 ct IC.

20 Low Country Crab 4 ct IC.

20 Shoulder Press 4 ct IC.

Return Bricks

Mosey to C.O.T.


Launch of Spur @ USC Blatt Today!

Kettle Bell Convergence: Aug 28, Canal Park (5:15); Improv has offered early run option.

#TheWoodshed invites you to celebrate 52 weeks of whoopin’s at the Shed on August 29th at Woodland Park.  #DawnStrike will kick things off at 6:00 am.  Bring your best tank top and mumblechatter and plan to double down.  For the pax who prefer more running, #TheWall leaves for a ridiculously long run at 6:00 am.  #SCORE will offer a more stationary workout starting at 7:00, along with our regular #WoodshedSaturdayBeatDown.

#TheBull on FIRE!  In honor of September 11th, Backdraft & Spot have something special planned for the Monday beforehand (9/7/15 – Labor Day).  The #ConcreteBeast will be taken over by the men of our fire department simulating what our brave men do on a daily basis going up and down stair towers will full fire gear.  You won’t want to miss this!

3rd F Opportunity: Tuesdays at Eastminster Pres Church (hitup @F3Papercut if interested), A Life Worth Living.

Prayer Requests:

Landline’s Son was recently married and just announced they are expecting; another son considering next life steps.

Odyssey’s hip recovery.

Serena’s wife’s appendectomy.

Pond’s M’s grandmother passed away.

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