• When: 08/22/15
  • QIC: Okra and Chaser
  • The PAX: Hawg, JoeLee, Wingback, Adrian, Cesspool, Misfire, Collar, ChopShop, Splinter, Okra, Chaser

#BattleBrotherhood On Display

11 men arrived in the humid gloom at AC Flora this morning with quesy stomachs fearing what was to come. The last time YHC and Okra had the Q things got a bit out of hand with 300 burpees and a grueling Jacob’s Ladder on the now famous (uh, infamous) Rutland Court. Several pax told YHC before the clock hit 7am that if he started the workout by calling for 100 burpees that they were leaving. I think they were kidding, maybe. But never fear because Okra had the first 30 this time and no one said anything about not going to #Rutland!

Conditions: 72 and humid.


Immediately from COT run to COD (Circle of Death).
10 Slow Count merkins
Immediately run to Brentwood/ACF driveway
10 Slow Count merkins
Immediately run up Brentwood, across Forest, and down to the bottom of #Rutland.

Rutland Ladder:
Starting at the bottom do 50 merkins and sprint to the top. Come down at your own pace. 45 merkins at the bottom, sprint to top. Continue dropping 5 merkins each round until time called. Most pax got down to 20 or 25.
Run back to Brentwood/ACF driveway: 10 slow count merkins.
Run back to COP.
Total Merkins with Okra = ~275
Total distance with Okra = ~2 miles

Partner competition:
21-15-9 reps each exercise.
P1: Thruster w/45# plate at cone.
P2: Hand Release Burpee at opposite cone.
Swap each set. Cones 50 yards apart. Must wait on partner to complete reps at his end before swapping. When done with 9 set run together to Brentwood fence, touch, and back to far cone to complete.

Then 50 burpees each. Done when last partner finishes.

When each team finishes they go and do reps with the other teams who have not yet finished until everyone is done. Accountability and #BattleBrotherhood.

Winning team leads Mary. Winning team was Splinter and Cesspool and they led Mary for a long 9 minutes.

Mosey to COT
BOM led by YHC

– Strong work this morning men. Alot of distance was covered and alot of merkins/burpess were done. Accountability and #BattleBrotherhood was on display during the 21-15-9 work. Motivating stuff.

No #Battle next week. We are deffering to three equally good options. In no particular order: Spur Week 2 at Wheat/Sumter 7am, Woodshed birthday convergence 7am, Stomp the Swamp 5k at River Bluff which features a doubledown race catagory for anyone who does their 6am bootcamp and then does the 5k race.

– YHC is taking the Battle AOQ reins from SubPrime as Subby is entering fall race season with BRR and a possible marathon coming up. Business as usual and nothing will change but we would all like to see numbers increase. So…

CHALLENGE: Each man get one man who has not been to Battle or has not been in a while to the next workout on 9/5. Wingback and SubPrime on Q.

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