• When: 8/22/2015
  • QIC: BigTime
  • The PAX: Fog, Prenup, Agent Orange, Fife, Dean Wormer, Dry Heave, BigTime

BattleRopes and Sledges

7 Pax decided to leave the fartsack this morning to get better.  It was all good until FOG joined us after his 5mile ruck about 15 minutes into the workout – we had to banish him to the corner because the essence was too strong – Dry Heave may have actually Dry Heaved.  We all need to chip in and get him a new shirt.

Enough about that, here is what we did:

Conditions – 75 and Nice

The Thang:

COP with Brickpile

30 SSH

15 Merkins

20 LBCs

10 Burpees

Mosey to wall – sit for 1Min

Partner up – 1 goes to treeline for 10 merkins while other sits on wall – switch – Continue with 8,6,4,2 reps

Mosey to benches by tree –

20 Dips

20 LBACs Forward and Reverse – 20 OHC – 20 Cherry Pickers

inverted walk down bench in Derkin pose

Mosey to Brickpile and grab a Block

Group does sets of 20 Curls, 20 Triceps, 20 Presses, 20 LBCs while one Pax does 20 Battle Rope waves with each hand holding 15lb Kettle bell in other and 20 Rope Snakes.

Second station is one Pax hitting tire with Sledge – rotate through until all have had a chance at rope and tire

7 Boat Canoes with Block

Mosey to Cage – max reps inverted plank with partner (partner holds feet while you do pullup) then 20 Inclined Merkins on cage – Repeat

Mosey back to wall to close out with additional wall sits and Merkin runs – most pax got two additional rounds in before time was called

Solid effort today – this was a tough one – Good to see some old faces back – Keep coming you will only get better


Hurricane Ruck in Camden 9/19 – connect with Fog or Bigtime

Mud-run signups in process

Robber is doing great work with Mission – continue to support

Convergence at Woodshed next Saturday 8/29 for Anniversary AO

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