• When: 09/24/15
  • QIC: Pondo and Silver Bullet
  • The PAX: SideSaddle, HeeHaw, Teddy, FroYo, Pie, Backhoe, Chewy, Flay, FlipShade, Improv, BackDraft, Odyssey, Heist, Pipeline, LandShark, KennyG, SilverBullet, Pondo

The Axe 2.0

18 Pax posted for the second running of #TheAxe, which is #TheWoodshed’s monthly Fitness Test.  HeeHaw, our previous champion, had tweeted that he wouldn’t be there to defend his title, but came to his senses at the encouragement of other pax while attending HDHH.  Beer may have also helped his decision.  We were very pleased to have him run again. We tweaked the course based on feed back from the first running, but have stayed true to the axe form.  The first running had controversy due to a mini-sledge introduced for some humor at HeeHaw’s expense.  He responded by using the mini-sledge and beating all of us. This time, we all used man-sized sledge hammers.

Conditions: a little misty and cool

The Thang: Brief COP for warm up in parking lot, then we got to it. This fitness test consists of 6 Stations spaced out in the shape of an axe.  Run the course for 30 minutes for an AMRAP workout.  Pax with most completed laps and stations wins the #ChampionshipBelt and bragging rights for the next month.

Station 1: Squats x 20, Station 2: Pullups x 7, Station 3: BBSitups x 20, Station 4: lap around Circus Maximus, Station 5: 10 two-handed Man-sized Sledge Hammer blows on tires, switch hand positions and 10 more blows. Station 6: Merkins x 20

Thanks to Odyssey, Heist and Improv for helping SB and me set up.

Results:(Laps.completed stations)

SideSaddle  __, HeeHaw (7.3) , Teddy (4.3), FroYo (6.2), Pie (5.5), Backhoe (5.1), Chewy (5.5), Flay (5.4), FlipShade (5.0), Improv (6.3), BackDraft (5.1), Odyssey (5.0), Heist (6.4), Pipeline (6.0), LandShark (5.0), KennyG (6.5), SilverBullet (5.4), Pondo (7.3).  Pondo was ahead of HeeHaw on Station 4 when time was called.  YHC is the proud winner of the #ChampionshipBelt.  Who will win it next time?

BOM by Pondo

Devo by Pondo- Luke 21:47-48 To whom much is given, much is expected.  To whom even more is given, even more is expected.

Moleskin: Thanks to HeeHaw changing his mind and replacing the mini-sledge, the second running of #TheAxe was controversy free.  The Pax seems to really like this fitness test. Great effort today!  Keep posting and working hard and watch your improvement every month.

Announcements: SideSaddle had to leave early.  Still need his laps/stations.  Heist needs volunteers to help at MudRun.  Signs ups for the race are almost closed. Blitz launches in Rosewood at Memorial Stadium 9/29.  CornStache is AOQ. Tell any SadClowns you know in Rosewood and Shandon.  Lunch at Salsaritas, HDHH.  Stumble is looking at having 2 teams for P200 in some version of 9/12 man teams. Contact Beacon or KennyG if interested. PaperCut is AOQ of GritIron, a KB and agility workout Mondays at 5:30.  PaperCut also leads a book study based on Phillipians on Tuesday nights at 6 and 7 at Eastminster Pres.  The New IronYard rolls every Wed. and Fri. at DHS.  KB’s and agility.

Prayer Requests for PaperCut and LoveSeat to have safe travels.

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