• When: 8/6/2015
  • QIC: McNugget
  • The PAX: Hawg, RA, Boo Boo, Flamer, Chop Shop, Detour, Slumdog, Duckie, Collar, Garnish, Hot Tub, Myrtle, Splinter

That was #BRUTAL

YHC was really second guessing the decisions on some of these exercises, but it felt SO GOOD once it was all said and done!  No surprise, but the Hammer pax destroyed this workout.  Great job!

Conditons: 73 degrees and 91% humidity

The Thang:

Slaughter Starter- plus five 25 Burpees OYO (thanks to Chop Shop for upping the ante)

Little Baby Arm Circles: Forward 25 IC / Reverse 25 IC

Raise the Roof 20 IC

Imperial Walker 15 IC

Find the wall for Ascending Testicles (cousin of BTTW) at 15 deg w feet on wall execute 10  Derkins, next ascend to 45 deg and execute 10 more Derkins,then ascend to BTTW position and execute 5 more Derkins.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to The Other Store for Burp and Merk. Start with one merkin and complete one burpee.  Next, two Merkins and complete Burpee.  Pyramid all the way to 10 and back down to 1.

Mosey to Brockman and meet at the mini track:

Separate into two groups. 1’s bear crawl one lap around track while 2’s complete Crab Jacks (could actually be Russian Dancers).  Switch it up when 6 arrives.

This is about the point that YHC almost hurled, but the Hammer pax pushed on. Next 1’s complete 10 pull ups and 2’s completed 20 step ups.  Switch when done.

Mosey back to The Other Store.  6 inches till 6 arrives.

Indian Run from Other Store to parking lot. Jail break to COT.

Convenient that we had about four minutes left.  Just the right amount of time for a little Moby and Bring Sally Up.  3 min 30 seconds of man work.  We were interrupted by the morning trash pick up, but the excercise still kicked some tail!

BOM with prayer by McNugget

Prayer Requests / Announcements:

Congrats to Boo Boo and his wife on the news that baby #1 is on the way in February!

Prayer request for the family of Myrtle’s friend who lost a teenage son this week.

Stomp the Swamp with Double Down opportunity 8/29 at River Bluff U.

Woodshed convergence for 1 yr anniversary 8/29

Battle this Saturday with Splinter and Collar on the Q






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