• When: 08/07/15
  • QIC: Improv
  • The PAX: Beacon, Pie, Kenny G, Pipeline, Skirt, Pondo, Ziffle, Holy Poker, Belding

You can’t predict the weather on race day

10 Pax posted for #Stumble & #StumbleXL this morning in the rainy gloom and #GotBetter.  YHC is happy to report that no one melted or floated away due to the rain.  As said this morning, you can’t predict the weather on race day so you better train in the rain.  The Pax had no interest in running #StumbleXL at a 8:45 pace…Beacon was thinking more like a cool 8:15.  The Pax had no choice but to keep up.  Really good work put in by the Pax today.

Conditions: 74 Degrees and raining

The Thang:





  • F3 Columbia Convergence set for August 29th at #Woodshed starting at 0700 (along with #Score and the #Wall).  #Dawnstrike hits the #Woodshed in tank tops at 0600.  #bethere
  • #IronYard/Anchor Convergence is set for August 28th at Riverfront Park at the Canal.  See @TyerKevin for details.
  • Little Mountain Half-Marathon: BRR prep or Big-Ole-Red-Pill Pre-blast Here.

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