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11 culsacs in OW

AO: Stumble
Q: Ash
PAX: HolyPoker, Prodigal
FNGs: None

Headed to OW neighborhood via bridge to Sallie. Looped around & up Martha’s. Hit 11 dead ends around Arrow Field, Macon and Saye Cut. Headed back to the start via Sallie, bridge and final push up the hill behind Target.

Merkin stations every mile for those who decided to do that for some reason.

Some great mumblechatter was had during the run and post-run at coffeeteria.

Steel Hands on Sunday! (5/21)
Amble runvergence on 5/26
The Bull convergence on 5/29

Continued prayers for flag-stealer Biggie.
Prayers for Hud.
End of all war & conflict

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