• When: 10/16/2015
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Kenny G, Beacon, Skirt, Dufresne, Serena, Grillz, Pi, Co-Pay, Holy Poker, Pipeline

Stumble #GotFaster

The call has gone out for all AOs to hold a regular fitness challenge and track the progress of the pax over time. For this second running of the Stumble 5K, the AO’s collective pace went down by a whopping 28 seconds*. #MissionAccomplished

Conditions: Ideal (low 50s and slight breeze)

The Thang:

Warmup mosey down Olde Knight to Chambly then back to the starting line in front of the school

  • Start: The Meadowfield flagpole
  • L Olde Knight
  • R Chambly
  • L Queens Way
  • R Old Woodlands
  • L Indian Mound / Marthas Glen
  • Straight across Old Woodlands to Dublin
  • R Winston
  • L Merrill
  • L Galway
  • L Olde Knight
  • Finish: Shovel flag planted a few yards past the park entrance


BOM by Pipeline

Devo by Pipeline. YHC watched “Unbroken” last night. Louie’s mantra “If you can take it, you can make it” is inspiration for #EmbraceTheSuck. Also, this didn’t make it into the movie, but Louie credits his conversion to Christianity with saving his life and helping him overcome severe PTSD. The takeaway here is that the first two Fs mean nothing without the #ThirdF.


Top three finishers: 1. Skirt & Beacon; 3. Co-Pay. Full Spreadsheet


    • It’s always a pleasure having #DualCitizen Dufresne post on this side of the river. He said he planned to run 8 miles total today. A 5K at this pace followed by 5 more miles. Impressive, most impressive.
    • Most Improved Award goes to Kenny G, who slashed his previous time by over a minute, despite posting early and having no other pax to push him.
    • It was pointed out today that Stumble’s (and Woodshed’s by extension) coffeeteria game is pretty weak. Given the choice between #2ndF over coffee at Starbucks and standing around a dark parking lot, YHC will take Sbux every time. Who knows, you might even end up on Periscope.


    • The Mud Run is upon us. 10/24 is the magic date. If you aren’t running, get with Heist and see how you can help play host to the hordes of F3 Nation.
    • Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter is looking for a few #HIMs to make a difference in the lives of children who could really use a male role model. Termite heads up this biweekly (every other Friday at 4:30) time of light workout and mentoring.
    • Palmetto 200 sign-up is active. The cost goes up at the end of this month. There is an F3 discount code. Check the preblast for more details. One Stumble team has already been reserved. You want to be on it.
    • If you’re running late for your regular bootcamp, give Blitz a shot. T/Th 5:45-6:15 at Memorial Stadium. It’s fast-paced, challenging, and fun. If you know anyone in the Rosewood area, please get those guys to this workout.
    • HDHH 5:15 PM Wednesdays at Henry’s
    • Standing lunch high noon Thursdays at Salsarita’s in the Vista

*Pending inclusion of Pi’s results. Somebody get that guy on Twitter and Strava already.

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  1. Hate I missed the group run and especially the devo. I’m reading Unbroken right now, amazing story and powerful book. Louis and all of his fellow POWs definitely take #EmbraceTheSuck to a whole new level! It has reminded me that many of my so called difficulties in life are so very trivial…more of a minor inconvenience comparatively.

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