• When: 08/17/15
  • QIC: Landshark
  • The PAX: Holy Poker, Pondo, Tonto, Beacon, Serena, Landshark.

Stumble Goes Back to School!

Stumble got back to its school schedule with 5:15 start. Garsh that bus comes early! 6 PAX faithful turned-out for Landshark’s Q and a serpentine route through the neighborhood.

Thang: L Olde Knight, L Old Woodlands, L Christie, L Galway, L Merrill, R Winston, R Macon, L Galway, L Olde Knight. Approx 2.3 miles for one loop. Rinse and repeat if feeling froggy.

B.O.M. and Devo by Landshark: Jesus calls the children to Him. With the start of school, reminder to watch out for the little ones!

Announcements: busy week at Woodshed (VQ by On Ramp, PT test on Thurs), and Stumble looks to get in extra runs. Beacon on Q Wed and Holy Poker on Fri.

Prayer requests for those losing loved ones: Tonto’s M’s grandmother, Pondo’s M’s grandmother, Odyssey recovery from injury, Serena’s M.

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