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Twice Stretched!

AO: score
Q: Crawlspace
PAX: OBC, Sled, Spool, Lumen
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Got the SSH done before Sled made it to the soft pavement, then through the tunnel, Imperials, and other various stretching exercises. Ended with some ab work before moving.
THE THANG: Crawlspace was tired and sore from Sunday afternoon Softball, so we stayed on campus. Pole squats and iron cross at the vestibule. Around the corner for some wall sitting and calf raises. Over to the circle for a little running and leg work between the street lamps. Over to the courtyard for some wall push ups and dips performed slowly, with good form and low reps. More Ab work with Skank sisters and BIg Boy sit ups in between. Back to the wall for some sitting and then we all thought for a minute about our carbon foot prints as we Al Gored. Back to the soft pavement for a second stretch before we ended with a ring of fire.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today is Monday. Thursday will be BallBoy and an All Leg Workout as he did something to his rotator cuff. Sled will return tomorrow for his first Q since last year! It will be cold in the AM, but no excuses!
COT:No prayer requests. 60% participation at EUG for some food and coffee! We talked NCAA Tournament, large Alligators, Kentucky Derby, flying first class and Gambling. Good thing Ray Charles phone was not in attendance!

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