• When: 7/27/15
  • QIC: BigTime
  • The PAX: Fog, Lesh (Kotters), OBC, Snapon, FNG Gumby (Kyle Salcedo), BigTime, ReTread

Score does Cardio

7 Pax including 1 FNG left the Fartsack to try and get better.  The Consensus among the pax is that we want Score to be a challenging workout for everyone. Even the Flat Bellies!  We work hard and our Qs come ready each day.  today, I decided to switch it up and give the guys a little taste of cardio and interval training.  It was nonstop and a smokeshow of a workout.  It also served to show the Pax that although we are primarily strength training, we all need our cardio for complete health.

Conditions – 70ish and Humid

The Thang:

COP: 25 SSH, 20 Forward Arm Circles and 20 Reverse Arm Circles

Explanation of the rest of the workout:

Start off in single file indian run at a fast walking pace.  Man in back has (in my opinion) the heaviest sandbag at the Brickpile.

Man in Back runs around the Group and back to the end to pass off the sandbag.  Then he runs to take his new spot at the front.

Continue this for about 15 minutes =  approx 1 mile

Head to Hollywood Squares for a little Interval Training Courtesy of an app on my phone – 7 Min Pro – Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with a 10 second break in between.  The exercises were called randomly but they included:

SSH, Wall Sit, Push up, LBC, Step ups, Squats, Dips, Plank, High Knees, Lunge, Pushup and Rotate, and side plank – total time 7 minutes

Head to the wall – 1 pax runs to end of soccer field and does 10 pushups while he is gone he calls an exercise for us to do.

Exercises called: Burpees, high Knees, Squats, Imperial Walker, SSH, Crunch, and one more that I forgot

Wall sit for 2 minutes

Head back to brick pile for another round of 7 min Pro Workout.  This time Ab Focused – each one done for 1 minute and 10 seconds rest in between – exercises were: Crunch, Scissors, Side Crunch, Windshield or Flutters, Jackknife and Russian Twist

Time called – COT and BOM with BrickPile

Moleskin – Today was a great workout – Welcome Gumby our FNG who works with Snapon out at Shaw.  Great effort given by all and i hope you all got better

That is all


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