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Scream like a human

AO: sawmill
Q: Rudder (WeaselShaker)
PAX: Lemmy
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Lemmy took off running. YHC lead typical Warm-arama stuff. SSH, IW’s, Hillbillies, Lil’ baby arm circles, squats, Don Quixote‘s, TTT, Merkins, Gas Pumpers, Flutter’s, and of course, Ray Finkle‘s favorite.
THE THANG: W/out a designated Q, Pax would phone-in the workout (pitiful). So YHC broke out the F3 Deck of Death (not Cheesesteak’s). Two stacks. One for exercise. One for number of reps. Made it about half way through before EndEx. Lemmy strolled up for COT
COT:Prayers that we use these God given talents to improve God presence in our community.

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