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Turkey Day W

AO: sandlot
Q: Ruby
PAX: Coin Flip, Fenway, Backstop, Ruby, Two Gloves, Sandstorm
FNGs: 1 Sandstorm
IWs, TTHs, SSHs, HBs, x 20 each
LBACs – forward and backwards x 10 each
RTRs, Seal claps, Michael Phelps x 10 each

7 stops with 3 exercises
1 – 11 burpees, 23 goblet squats, 23 Chicago sit ups
2 – 11 man makers, 23 goblet squats,
23 v-ups
Off to hot tub hill
3 – 11 Mike Tyson burpees, 23 Carolina dry docks, 23 iron cross
4 – 11 frogger burpees, 23 jump squats, 23 gas pumpers
5- 11 burpees, 23 Carolina dry docks, 23 big boys
6 – 11 4 x 4s, 23 clean and press, 23 flutters with block overhead and in cadence
7- 11 Spider-Man burpees, 23 curls for girls, 23 supermans
Finish with 11 more burpees for 88 total

FHF gift sheet is live – turn in all donations by 12/16
Cold brew half marathon 12/16

Attitude of Gratitude – Research has proven who are regularly grateful, are more empathetic, forgiving, helpful and supportive than those who dont engage in gratitude.

I thank my God I remember you. In all
my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.- Philippians 1:3-5

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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