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4 corners medley

AO: sandlot
Q: Two Gloves
PAX: Baby Seal, Bayou, Fenway, Ruby, Two Gloves
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSHx40,merkinsx15,IWx15,through tunnelx15,CCDx15,RT’sx15,lap building, side obleek reachesx15, BB’sx15,sqautsx15,rowersx15,burpeesx15.
THE THANG: clock work merkins clockwise, 10 burpees, counter clockwise merkins, 10 plank jack burpees. Mosey to soccer field, 4 corners laps with reps of 20,15,10,and 5 at each corner with merkins, big boys with different ways to run, sprint, lunge, karaoke, broad jump between stations.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Gamecock girls basketball outing soon, stay tuned.
COT:Lords prayer 🙏🏻 prayed for men not able to make it out today, and for all to have hedge of protection Lord provides us.

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