• When: 08/04/15
  • QIC: Two Gloves
  • The PAX: 12

Sandlot- suicide fun

12 pax arrived at Sandlot for a warm morning of pain dished out by one of the more senior members, Two Gloves.


Warm up- Two laps around soccer field sparked lots of chatter.

COP- middle of field

  • 40 side straddle hops- IC
  • 20 merkins- IC
  • 15 LBC’s- IC
  • 20 Russian Twists- IC
  • 10 diamond merkins- IC
  • 30 big boy sit ups- OYO
  • 25 wind mills- IC
  • 15 wide arm merkins- IC
  • 40 flutter kicks- IC
  • plank
  • R arm up
  • L arm up
  • middle

Mosey to playgournd:

  • Pull ups- AMRAP
  • 15 box jumps or step ups

Mosey to Tennis Courts: 3 point suicides followed by-

  • Set#1: 10 burpees and 15 Big Boy sit ups
  • Set#2:  15 Merkins & 20 V ups
  • Set#3: 20 Air presses & 25 Flutter Kicks

Take lap down to lower parking lot and knock out 10 burpees then  return to courts

More Tennis Court fun:

  • Bear crawl width of both courts then 3 point suicide sprint
  • Crab walk courts then back pedal suicide
  • Lunge walk across courts, stop and give me 20 dips on bleachers, lunge walk back, 3 point suicide sprint to finish

Circle up for Dealer’s choice finale-

  • Guys who have never Q’d volunteered, or were volunteered 🙂 to call out exercises.

Best complaints today were from Senator who was tracking the mileage we racked up….


Two Gloves prayed out the group

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