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St. Genocus’ Day 4 miler

AO: rogue
Q: Friar Tuck
PAX: clickbait, Swingline, Bemis, LA Gear, Easy Street, Cauliflower, Quaker
FNGs: None
WARMUP: It was St. Genocus’s Day in the year of Our Lord 2024; a warm, but not too balmy, Thursday morning, light breeze, clear skies. Perfect conditions for a shirtless run without the need for Babyruth-style hand warming techniques. In a sudden turn of events, Easystreet makes a surprise early appearance! The pax don’t know what to do with themselves. Do they begin at 5:15? Still wait until the customary 2 minute grace period? Paralysis takes place. Fortunately, Cauliflower’s car is spotted on Garner’s Ferry and allows minds and hearts to rest well that, indeed, Rogue may commence at 17 minutes past the hour.
THE THANG: 4-ish miles of cul-de-sacs in reverse order of the advertised route. Mumblechatter of the day included Bemis’s discovery of flowery renderings (or lack thereof) of FT’s Latin in Slack, Shocker and Noonan’s incredible makeovers to include ponytails and voice changes (the committee has reviewed and determined that it may not have been them running on Old Woodlands after all), V2V recaps, flower theft, how we all miss Recount, and on. Those with OCD continued running at the end of the route to round out their Strava post and make themselves more marketable to the greater running world, while the ludites stopped at the flag and shot the bull.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Always a Rogue favorite, more debate continued over the actual pax count, our nantan, while a lovable soul, is not the most reliable critic of our AO’s unique mathematics, Speed for Need is next month, we’re doing the Cayce runvergence again next Wednesday to take place of the Friday one (check announcements for exact location), and some of the F3 guys clean up very well out in the world, but you can’t afford Flipper so don’t even ask.
COT: Pray for Easy’s dad, Clickbait’s sister, and all those caring for them. God, please bless this group of men as we go out into the world today. Amen.

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