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Scratching the itch

AO: rogue
Q: SweetTart
PAX: Co-Pay, HolyPoker, Bemis, Swingline, Dory, Shocker, Winston
FNGs: None
WARMUP: some stretched some ran we all waited for Easy St

Down MOM continue on Devine to Ott
left on Ott then zipper between Ott and Kilbourne
Cross streets are
Blossom Coleman Wheat Wilmot Duncan Monroe
turn left on Ott then left on rosewood.
Rosewood to Garners ferry up MOM and back to AO strava.app.link/zYtxAoiFLGb — The Back Scratcher at ROGUE

ANNOUNCEMENTS: lots of races coming up check slack

COT: Prayers for guidance and strength. Go support your brother in need and be light in a dark world.

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